Accountancy with every comfort

Operational accountancy, delight or distress? The entrepreneur who wishes to look over the rim of his tea cup, who prefers security already for financial reasons and sees responsibility for budget as chance for the development of the company, can revert to an optimum advisory and service package at our consultancy.

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  • Autonomous accountancy
    At the start we help you with the choice of the correct software and organisation. And by the time it really goes off at your office, we are available for you for every factual issue and assist you at any time with the appliance, as we network online with you and if necessary can connect with your computer at any time.

    You wish to outsource your accountancy?
    No problem! Then you simply send us the vouchers as they come in or originate in your company including the journal via fax, your scanner or send us everything by e-mail. Thus you keep all information in your company. We digitise, book and file all vouchers for you and on request we also attend to your payments.

    Of course we also book your vouchers folder if you prefer the classical way. Everything you send us and all appraisals are filed for you revision-safely in a lockbox which you can access online from everywhere.

    Controlling - are your results impressive?
    Which product groups currently cause the highest storage costs? What are the cash cows in the company? Which department needs to be rejuvenated? How shall the next investments be managed and be secured for the future? If you do not only want to leave the answers to your gut feeling, we have the adequate solution for you.

    Already a simple and comprehensible reporting, which helps you to contribute something to the planning, follows after only a few mouse clicks. This has not always been the case. Up to now controlling has been complex manual work. To meet the market requirements in a faster and more flexible way we offer solutions for your reporting that facilitate a prompt planning, control and supervision of the business processes. With these details you face the questions from the bank in times of finance and commercial crisis more convincingly.

    Outsourcing of the payroll and salary accounting
    Especially for small and medium-sized companies payroll and salary accounting is very complex, because they entail excessively much work. We create the accounting for you as a profitable solution with an excellent service.

    If you have any questions regarding human resource management, please do not hesitate to contact us at all times. We thus relieve you of the monthly payroll and salary accounting as well as of all requests, attestations and declarations which are demanded from you.